L’Altra Città is a second-level association of non-profit actors active in the territory of Southern Tuscany to support people.
Established in 1996 with the pourpose of developing methodologies and services in the field of social and cultural work, L’Altra Città aims to disseminate skills and empowerment tools so that people and communities acquire a greater capacity to control their own objectives and resources.

Responsible Society (ReS) is non-profit organization established to promote and support responsible approach trough research and education at all levels of social life, especially in the field of education, public policies, entrepreneurship and science through education activities and research.
ReS is bringing needed change to education and other public domains to foster atmosphere of understanding and reflectiveness by empathy, systemic understanding and open dialogue.

Alytus Music School was founded in 1957. Currently, the school employs 50 full-time teachers all of whom are true professionals and experts in their field. The number of students studying in the school is 580, from 5 years of age to mature adults. They constantly take part in international contests and win highly esteemed awards.
In 1997, Alytus Music School was the first institution in Lithuania to integrate children with developmental disorders, teach them the art of music and hold music therapy sessions.

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